The ad design process starts with the selection of a template. Templates are pre-designed ad layouts containing certain color schemes and content elements such as text and images. Many design elements such as color and fonts are fixed and cannot be changed because of the limited support for different fonts and colors on Craigslist.

You can change templates even after you have entered your ad information. If the templates don't share the same data elements, you may need to enter additional information.


A picture is worth a thousand words - so images are critical in any advertisement. Images for your Craigslist Ad are uploaded to our servers and are linked to from your Craigslist Ad. This way, your ad can contain more than the 4 image limit in a standard Craigslist ad. Here are some hints for using images in your ads:

Image Dimensions

The dimensions for the upload images are specified in the edit panel and the place holder image. Images are automatically resized by the system to meet the target width requirement. The height is adjusted to keep the image proportional to the original. It's a good idea to start with images that have the same dimensions, this way the resized images should all have the same width and height and will look their best when layed out side by side.

Image Format

Craigslist Ad Wizard supports JPEG, GIF and PNG formats. JPEG allows for file compression which can result in faster image load times. If the images in your ad are taking too long to load, you can try reducing the file size of a JPEG by using some compression.

Image File Size

The maximum upload size for any image is 20 Mbytes. A file this size would take too long to load in an ad. However, since the images are resized by the system, their file size will be reduced. If you are still seeing problems with load times for your images, try reducing the file size before uploading to the system.

Ad Code

Craigslist supports a very limited subset of HTML. Your Craigslist Ad code is designed to work with that limited subset of HTML. If you want to hand edit your ad after you are done at Craigslist Ad Wizard, you should be aware of what the limits are. You can get more information by clicking here

Posting on Craigslist

Most people looking for a product or service will do a keyword search to find items that match their needs, particularly when there are a lot of ads in a given category. Autos and RVs for example get hundreds of new posts every day. It is easier to find something by doing a keywords search. With this in mind, you want your ad to get noticed when someone does a search on keywords contained in your ad.

Choosing a Good Headline

The Craigslist search function looks at your headline and the content in your ad to match search keywords. However, you want your most imoportant keywords to show up in the headline so prospects will be inclined to click on your ad. So if you're selling a '69 Ford Mustang, obviously you want that in the headline. But you might also want to include color, mileage and any unique features that someone might be looking for. You also want to avoid abbreviations like '69. Someone searching for 1969 won't match '69.

A good headline might be:
1969 Ford Mustang - Blue - 60000 miles - excellent condition

Repeating a Post

Ads posted on Craigslist are valid for 7 days. You can repost your ad by logging in to your Craigslist account and clicking on "Manage" beside the ad you want to repost.

Additional Craigslist Help

Click here to see the Craigslist help pages.

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